orchidaceous plant

orchidaceous plant
any of numerous plants of the orchid family usually having flowers of unusual shapes and beautiful colors
Syn: ↑orchid
Hypernyms: ↑flower
orchis, ↑aerides, ↑angrecum, ↑jewel orchid, ↑puttyroot, ↑adam-and-eve, ↑Aplectrum hyemale, ↑arethusa, ↑bletia, ↑Bletilla striata, ↑Bletia striata, ↑brassavola, ↑spider orchid, ↑Brassia lawrenceana, ↑Brassia verrucosa, ↑caladenia, ↑calanthe, ↑grass pink, ↑Calopogon pulchellum, ↑Calopogon tuberosum, ↑calypso, ↑fairy-slipper, ↑Calypso bulbosa, ↑jumping orchid, ↑Catasetum macrocarpum, ↑cattleya, ↑helleborine, ↑spreading pogonia, ↑funnel-crest rosebud orchid, ↑Cleistes divaricata, ↑Pogonia divaricata, ↑rosebud orchid, ↑Cleistes rosea, ↑Pogonia rosea, ↑satyr orchid, ↑Coeloglossum bracteatum, ↑frog orchid, ↑Coeloglossum viride, ↑coelogyne, ↑coral root, ↑helmetflower, ↑helmet orchid, ↑swan orchid, ↑swanflower, ↑swan-flower, ↑swanneck, ↑swan-neck, ↑cymbid, ↑cymbidium, ↑cypripedia, ↑lady's slipper, ↑lady-slipper, ↑ladies' slipper, ↑slipper orchid, ↑marsh orchid, ↑common spotted orchid, ↑Dactylorhiza fuchsii, ↑Dactylorhiza maculata fuchsii, ↑dendrobium, ↑disa, ↑phantom orchid, ↑snow orchid, ↑Eburophyton austinae, ↑tulip orchid, ↑Encyclia citrina, ↑Cattleya citrina, ↑butterfly orchid, ↑Encyclia tampensis, ↑Epidendrum tampense, ↑butterfly orchis, ↑Epidendrum venosum, ↑Encyclia venosa, ↑epidendron, ↑tongueflower, ↑tongue-flower, ↑rattlesnake plantain, ↑fragrant orchid, ↑Gymnadenia conopsea, ↑short-spurred fragrant orchid, ↑Gymnadenia odoratissima, ↑fringed orchis, ↑fringed orchid, ↑rein orchid, ↑rein orchis, ↑crested coral root, ↑Hexalectris spicata, ↑Texas purple spike, ↑Hexalectris warnockii, ↑lizard orchid, ↑Himantoglossum hircinum, ↑laelia, ↑liparis, ↑twayblade, ↑fen orchid, ↑fen orchis, ↑Liparis loeselii, ↑broad-leaved twayblade, ↑Listera convallarioides, ↑lesser twayblade, ↑Listera cordata, ↑Listera ovata, ↑green adder's mouth, ↑Malaxis-unifolia, ↑Malaxis ophioglossoides, ↑masdevallia, ↑maxillaria, ↑pansy orchid, ↑odontoglossum, ↑oncidium, ↑dancing lady orchid, ↑butterfly plant, ↑bee orchid, ↑Ophrys apifera, ↑fly orchid, ↑Ophrys insectifera, ↑Ophrys muscifera, ↑Venus' slipper, ↑Venus's slipper, ↑Venus's shoe, ↑phaius, ↑moth orchid, ↑moth plant, ↑rattlesnake orchid, ↑lesser butterfly orchid, ↑Platanthera bifolia, ↑Habenaria bifolia, ↑greater butterfly orchid, ↑Platanthera chlorantha, ↑Habenaria chlorantha, ↑prairie white-fringed orchid, ↑Platanthera leucophea, ↑tangle orchid, ↑Indian crocus, ↑pleurothallis, ↑pogonia, ↑greenhood, ↑foxtail orchid, ↑orange-blossom orchid, ↑Sarcochilus falcatus, ↑sobralia, ↑ladies' tresses, ↑lady's tresses, ↑stanhopea, ↑stelis, ↑vanda, ↑vanilla
Member Holonyms: ↑Orchidaceae, ↑family Orchidaceae, ↑orchid family
Part Meronyms: ↑mentum

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